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Well, it's almost summertime! The sun is shining, the birds are singing in the trees and what we wear can make us feel this wonderful season! 
Leafing through different magazines,  I discovered that this summer the fashion has various styles. 
I picked up three different ones and assembled them in a "inspiration-collage".

The wedding of Denim and Leo print

The first style is a little bit punk but chic at the same time. I decided to put denim and leo print together. Denim has his glorious comeback and leo print is very chic if you don't overdo it. 
Tip: denim hotpants are in fact HOT!

The Bohemian Rhapsody

Yes, romantic flowers and dainty details are the essence of this summer! This style is beautiful if it doesn't look fitted. 
Some quillings and ruffles are highly welcomed this season. It's a little bit 70's, a little bit hippy but always very feminine!

I love the black-feather dress in the following picture, it's a Chanel Masterpiece!

The Color Splash

Summertime it's colortime! So take a stab in something different like yellow or orange! If you don't feel comfortable with many different colors, try to work on the details like a pink or turquoise clutch or azure nail polish, green shoes or a red hair slide!

As I see it, the summer can definitely come!
Hugs, ME

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