Maxi Dresses


The maxi dresses...I love/hate them...they are beautiful and elegant but they don’t always fit short people like I am. 
I often looked at this gorgeous girls with their long dresses and this amount of self confidence they have and I couldn’t help but wonder if someday I would have the courage to get me one of those. 
I did. 
And it felt great! 
I started with a basic one of H&M, black and very simple. It looks amazing with a brown belt and flat roman sandals!
Dress: H&M, belt: ZARA, black shawl. 

Well, maybe soon I get another maxi dress, why not? They are comfortable and you don’t have to pluck the dress every time you move, like you do with a short one...but better then buying one it’s definitely making one, right? And I’m sure this could not be that hard...  
Now I am on a new mission: finding the perfect fabric...I'm not sure I want a floral pattern, I'm more into a simple design. 
A little bit of inspiration form my new project here: 

Dress: ASOS

Dress: Missoni

Hugs, ME

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