Yellow Fever


Yellow, yellow, yellow wherever you look! Ever since Chanel brought the nail polish "Black Pearl" on the market, beauty and fashion fans were waiting for the new summer trend 2011.  
And this time it was a rich yellow called "Mimosa".
Of course that was immediately a success, and other labels have followed the trend.

Paul&Joe, summer 2011.
Foto: parisoffice

So now on the streets, in the subway, in the stores and in the air you see only one color: YELLOW.

Maybe we still have to getting used to, it is a gearing color after all. But don't wait too long, or the summer will be over in the mean time! :)

Here are a few ways to make yellow look sensational:

- Take inspiration from Phillip Lim's catwalk collection and try a yellow skirt. 
Skirts: Philipp Lim.

Marc Jacobs paired yellow tops with dark trousers. Try a similar look for day with a tee and tailored pants. 

Zac Posen proved that yellow has the wow-factor for evening. If a full-length dress is not suitable for your summer events, get the look with a delicate knee-length version.
Came Along - Karta Embroidered Yellow Dress -
image from

Met Gala

Update your wardrobe with a bright bag, shoe or bracelet.

Bag: Balenciaga, Shoes: Vivienne Westwood, Bracelet: Lucite Flower Bracelet/Girlprops

Is it the sun or is it you? ME

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