Under my skin...


I love tattoos, and even if many people would deny it, they are a matter of fashion.
Few years ago the tribal had his glorious time and now nobody can see it anymore...so what is the current style? What goes under our skin right now?
Here are some pictures I like.

Anchors, Bows, Birds and Calligraphy are very big right now. For more pictures and photos of pretty tattoos, visit our FB page, we made a tattoo album.

But my dear friends, we don't have to follow every trend, especially not in the "tattoo industry". 
The real importance is to do what we like and what represents us.
To be an original.

ME Ink.


  1. i like the pictures! =)

  2. first and ast are my favortie! visit our blog: http://lifestylenotesbyaf.blogspot.com/
    have a nice day! :)