With a little help...


The autumn is such a wonderful season. Have you noticed the leafs? So many colors, so many different trees! Of course it's start getting colder, but I'm happy to wear my "new" jacket. In fact it's not new at all, I kind of restyled it: Last spring i bought a fake leather jacket in sale for not more then 20€, but with a little help from my grandma I was able to revaluate it. She gave me in fact a fur piece she had on a coat many years ago but she couldn't use anymore. I buttoned the fur on the jacket an voila! 
But take a look!

I love the color palette of this outfit!

Hype the look on lookbook.nu here and on chictopia here.

I'm gonna take a walk in the forest...immersing myself in the wonderful and colorful moment of the fall.

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