Decorating is easy


The idea of decorating our home by myself intrigued me ever since I moved.
Staring at white walls is a little bit depressive, so I decided to create something!
I'm not that good at drawing, so it had to be something simple and quick. 
It had to be cheap too, I'm a student after all! :) 

But for this painting I only needed acrylic colors, glue, a paint-brush, a canvas and pieces of fabric.

The painting should go in our bedroom, and since I curtailed my curtains and had some left-over fabric, I decided it would match perfectly.

So here it's what I did, step by step!  

The painting would also look great with magazine-paper instead of fabric.

But this is not the only way to create a nice and simple painting for your home.

For our living room I made a painting on canvas with newsprint. 
With a mix of glue and water I fixed the newsprint on the canvas. As it was dry I draw the tree and the birds with acrylic color!

What are you thinking about?

In the last pic you see my cupcake display too, click here to see how I made it!

Enjoy decorating and experimenting with colors!
Creating is easy!



  1. That is really gorgeous!!!

  2. wow, you are really talented!
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  3. These are wonderful ideas! I am so inspired!

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    1. Sure Tiffany i would love to! Thanks for stopping by!!! <3