Dip Dye


In the states it was the biggest trend in 2011 and finally it's arrived even here in Vienna.
And I am glad, because I adore it! 
I'm talking about the dip dyed hair!

Dip dye hair is basically starting your roots with one color and gradually fading it out into another.
The end result makes you look sunkissed if subtle, or totally unique when dyed with brights. My favorite look is the one brown-to-blonde ombre hair. But I'm a blonde and I don't wanna change that, so my option are essentially just bright colors, right?! :) That makes the decision to dye it a bit difficult for me, I admit!

But you don't have to bleach your hair if you want dip dyed hair for a special occasion. The less drastic option is chalk! You simply put a section of your hair on a piece of paper and rub the chalk on until you are happy. Then of course you have to put hairspray on. 
Lots of hairspray. 
But it seems a good idea to me and it isn't a drastic change!
So here are a few dip dyed looks I like!
What's your favorite?


Do you think this trend is suited to daily use? 
I think the look is great, but for young women only. 
Maybe I'll try this summer to dip dye, just to feel a little edgy and rock'n'roll! And if it's only chalk I just have to take a swim, and *puff* it's gone! :)

Rock it!



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  2. Thank you for your comment, i have mine dip dyed and love it! Im following you on bloglovin :) x


  3. I think it´s very riksy but it´s cool!
    Follow you!
    Dream of a fashion night
    Kiss, Mari Cruz.

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    1. Oddio! Anche quelli in alto a destra nelle pagine? Grazie di avermelo detto!!!
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      GRAZIE bella!

  5. I like some of the looks but it depends on the colour, I did it to my hair extensions so I didn't have to always have it. Check out the post if your interested how I did it :)

    Tanesha x

  6. I really enjoy your blog :-) Keep up the good work


  7. Fantastic!



  8. The first purple picture is my favourite! I'd say its suited to daily use, but of course that would depend on your job/school requirements ;)

  9. I'm really in love with the trend, might do pink dip dye, but not permanent. x

  10. Blue ombre is amazing <3333333
    yes , i follow yours blog