DIY: Cupcake display for under 10 €


Not all the beautiful things have to be expensive!
For example cupcake displays. If you go to a store, they won't cost less then 30€, but with a little time and patience you can create your own for less money!

At first you need one, or optional two, tubes of well covering all purpose paint. Then a very strong glue, adequate for wood, porcelain, glass and so on, depends on the material you choose. Furthermore you need three plates and two candleholder.
For the plates and the candleholder I went to a secondhand store and got them for 50 cent each. 
I decided to make a three-storied display, but you can make a two-storied as well, then you need only two plates and one candleholder. 

Now that you have the material you can start!
Paint the candleholder in the color you've chosen! You may need to apply the paint several times to make it look even and to cover up every flaw.

When the color is perfectly dry (and this may need some time) you can decide if you want to decorate it or if you want to leave it like that. Moreover you can paint the plates if you want to. 

Then comes the fun part! :)
Now you have to stick one piece to the other! 
Feel free to take a lot of glue and then let it dry overnight! 

I had some cake doilies at home and i putted them on my display!

Now all I have to do is bake some muffins!!! :)

Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. Nice idea!

  2. This is sooo cool! Thanks for sharing <3

  3. Love this diy , I'll go trye ;)