Secret to beauty: AryaSense


We often dress casually, but don’t think this should mean we dress ordinarily. Who said that comfort should make us conform? Why not break some patterns and add some spice to our everyday wardrobe?

Nelly Levi and Detelin Iliev from AryaSense started making clothes more than ten years ago because they wanted to create the kind of clothes that they liked to wear but could not afford, or simply could not find anywhere. 

There is something about AryaSense that thrills like it is a first.
Some of the designs in this line have spent several years in a drawer, waiting to see the light of day. Others are bold experiments inspired by the idea to make clothes that, like the rest of life, are constantly in flux. Both are an expression of what we want from life: beauty, comfort, adventure and awareness of the self and the world around us. 

The plus: the quality of the pieces are amazing. I ordered two of them and can not wait to show them to you!

AryaSense on Etsy, Facebook and Web.



  1. These are lovely designs! The photography is beautiful, too. Thanks for sharing :)

    xo Azu

  2. Great pics!!


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  3. Very stylish pics!

  4. Gorgeous designs!